Technical Documentation project feedback please :)

I posted here a few days ago but I didn’t get a single response (possibly because it was late at night when I posted), so I wanted to try again. Very sorry if this is against the rules - I’m new here, and new to HTML/CSS.

I completed the Technical Documentation project and would love some feedback. Thanks!


I am new to this site and writing code as well and it is quite confusing on figuring it out and remembering which code is for which thing to do. But this looks great, or so i think. But i am a newbie so my opinion may matter so yah. :grin:

You can always bump your thread by posting a new post in it. Just don’t bump your own threads too often. It is better than creating duplicate topics which we do not allow. I have closed your other thread.

I think it looks nice, I would however suggest increasing the font size a bit. It might also be nice to have the “mobile” nav fixed at the top so the user does not have to scroll back up to get to the links again. If you do that you will likely want to give scroll-padding a look as well.

The HTML is failing to validate but that seems intentional for the example given, not sure how best to show invalid HTML without having the document fail to validate.

The CSS has some duplicate selectors, if you use the dropdown menu on the right of the CSS code box and use Analyze CSS it will show you.

Thank you very much for the clarification on the rules, and for your feedback.

Yeah, I figured that the failed HTML validation was pretty much a given considering the challenge.

Thank you for the Analyze CSS tip! I think I’m having trouble with keeping my CSS organized. I noticed it while I was coding, and then completely forgot all about it when I thought I was done.

So at the moment, my laptop screen is broken, and I’m using a flatscreen TV monitor as my monitor, which has pretty much warped all of my visual ratios, so to speak. For example, I have to have my browser set to 75% zoom instead of 100% in order to see everything properly on most websites. I think that’s why you’re saying that my font size needs to be increased, whereas on my screen it looks fairly normal. Are there any tools that might allow me to see what my projects look like normally?

And I hadn’t considered it, but I think I agree with you about it being better for the user to have the navigation fixed at the top. I’ll consider it!

Thanks again for all of your thoughtful feedback and assistance. :slight_smile:

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