Technical Documentation Project | Feedback

Hi, everyone
this is my fourth responsive project here and i tried to do my best and use every property or concept i learned as i can i’m hopeful you can give my feedback or any suggestion to improve my project

some notes on this project :

1- about user story #13 : it’s just small problem with visibility property since value hidden hide element from page. So if you want to just change value from hidden to visibile and tast again!!

2- about user story #14 : i just want to make new design Not just copy and paste from example project
so this is the best design i tried to do my best so sorry about that

3- i just got the contact from example project since it’s free and have’t any copyright so sorry again !!

very thanks :heart_eyes:

Looks great, very neat and clean.

Thanks @MarcelPenn I’m glad to see that you like this project :blush: