Technical Documentation | Project Feedback

Hello everyone, only one project left to go to get the first certification. Here is my technical documentation project, I tried to do something that looked nice because they tend to be ugly and boring.

Hope you all like it and I look forward to your comments and feedback.
Link and screenshot below:

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Looks great.
Well Done.

All the best for final project :+1:

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  • The menu items are too hard to read because of the yellow background. You need to increase the contrast somehow.
  • In mobile view you are getting two scrollbars. There should only be one.
  • Use text-align: justify on the paragraphs.
  • Check to see if your HTML is valid. This is easy to do in Codepen but you have the website in Netlify so it is harder to see the code.
  • This is opinion, but I think that the paragraphs should have a different font or increase the size of the font, maybe…
    It is great that you made the website responsive on multiple devices. Good job!
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I think I’ll change the font color from white to black, and gray on hover, thanks a lot for the input I’ll check all the stuff to make it look better , I really appreciate it ! :grinning:

Thank a lot man! That really means a lot! :grinning: