Technical Documentation Project - Help positioning the navbar on top for shrinking screen

Hi everyone.

So I have completed all the tests for my Technical Documentation Project and cleaned up all errors in my code. I’m not asking for feedback yet as I have some polishing to do.

I want the navbar to move on top of the screen when it shrinks and tried CSS Flexbox and it is somehow not working the way I want it. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, if I hit a learning plateau, if there’s something I’m missing. Any suggestions?

You’ve set the <nav> to postion: fixed which takes it out of the natural flow so the flex positioning has no affect on it. That’s fine for when you want it on the left side but not so good when you want it above the content. Hopefully that is enough of a hint to help you.

@bbsmooth thanks for dropping me a hint. If I’m thinking right, it’s all about changing the position property for the <nav> once the screen reaches the media query breaking point and not so much about applying flex.

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