Technical Documentation Project Ideas

Hello everyone. I need help as to how to start the technical documentation project. Am I to write in VS Code? Where does markdown come in? I dont even know where to start

download vscode and keep the project in a folder and keep a file named index.html and index.css note keep the CSS in the file and keep a href in the head section and write your code or else you can simply use I use that

Happy coding!!

to link css

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

having more doubht reply that

no use of markdown? what you have explained is like creating a regular website

what you mean i dont understand

will I not us markdown to write a technical documentation page?

ok write the code in i think thats the answer

do you want to create a markdown preview in your vscode

I use vs code, not codepen. I dont think u understand the issue. Thanks anyway

ok got it to preview that save the project in a folder and save it as a index.html only after that you will see that index only in the file and the last click on that problem solved

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Hey @Coded_Prof!

I think you are refering to the markup language called Markdown.,than%20using%20a%20WYSIWYG%20editor.

To answer your question, no you do not need to use markdown for this FCC project. Plain old html and css will be just fine.

For all of the projects, FCC will only expect you to use the technologies taught in the lessons. You are of course free to use any other technologies of your choosing (bootstrap, SASS, Less, etc) but use it at your own risk.

Hope that helps!

okay, I actually thought I MUST use markdown since its a technical documentation stuff.

I think you are looking for this. You need JavaScript to use marked library, it can be done via script tags in browser or in a separate file in your project folder (and use vs code to edit the code and manipulate the DOM accordingly).

This article could be of help.