Technical Documentation project - Power Query (M) - Feedback Welcome

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@yoizfefisch Great design, as usual! :steam_locomotive: Fully responsive. Passes all the fCC tests. Great color scheme. Overall, I think this is really well done!

  • Empty Table Header: This is something I wasn’t aware of and you may also find it to be interesting. In the table that’s in your Evaluation model section, you have an empty <th> element. According to the WAVE tool:

    Why It Matters
    The <th> element helps associate table cells with the correct row/column headers. A <th> that contains no text may result in cells with missing or incorrect header information.

    How to Fix It
    If the table cell is a header, provide text within the cell that describes the column or row. If the cell is not a header or must remain empty (such as the top-left cell in a data table), make the cell a <td> rather than a <th>.

  • Overly Specific Selector: You have section>pre in your CSS when I think pre should work since you don’t have any pre elements outside of any of the sections, right?

  • JavaScript: I like that you added JavaScript to show the current date. :calendar:

I don’t see any other issues, big or small, and the issues I point out above are more nitpicky than essential. I think this project is an excellent example for other people working through the beta curriculum technical documentation project. :sunny:

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@camper Thanks so much for your in-depth review, as usual :star_struck:.
I saw that error with the empty <th> element but didn’t see the solution so decided to ignore it. I didn’t know I can have <td> & <th> on the same row.
I fixed that and the overly specific selector.

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This is beautiful. How did you get so good at this?