Technical Documentation Project

I just finished the Tech Doc Project.

I would really love to hear Your thoughts on it and how I could improve it>

Thank You

IMPRESSIVE, very good. Like the layout(well responsive). neat and clean, very good.

The left panel is relative to view width which is very good, but You may apply a max-width when screen goes very wide (but not very critical). If it needs for instance 13em, then give the rest space to reading panel.

I also found the way you applied the left and right panel in desktop is a little mess! You set 255 as width for the left width, and set the left-margin as 25% for the right panel(two step work), this may make stuffs hard for you. I suggest come up with another simpler solutions like grid maybe.

I would suggest you add some padding for code snippets panels.

Using syntax highlighting for code will be awesome.

Same adding a little more line-height could be better.

Overall looks very good.

Keep going on great work, happy programming

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Thank You for Your time. I will definitely look into your tips and notes. You are right, grid can do the job. Also, wow I just found out that I can customize the syntax highlighting in CodePen.