Technical documentation project

Please review my project

Thank You.
Sani Kaml

Welcome back @sanikamal. Your page looks good. Just few things to look at;

  • noticed your page only passes 11/16 user stories
  • your media query for 815px width is not closed
  • do not use <br> to force line breaks. Nest multi-line <code> snippets in<pre> </pre> tags to preserve whitespace and line breaks. Or you could also do
code { 
  white-space: pre;

in CSS and skip the <pre> tag.

  • run your HTML code through the W3C validator. Ignore the first three errors since you’re pasting from codepen. I just want you to look at the warnings it gives about the sections. It’s not necessary to fix at this time but something to be aware of as you use semantics to build your page.

Thank you . I will update soon