Technical documentation review

Review please

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1 month for Responsive webdesign, wondering how long did it take you guys

Bump. review please, are we allowed to bump?

Great projet. I like that you used the relative units %,em,rem etc..

  1. Make blocks of code display: block; Let 'em take full width of the parent block.
  2. You don’t really need dots of unordered list. With your code highlights it is clear.
  3. To your code blocks (and inline code) add more padding.
  4. Paddings on mobile viewport is too big. I think could be better make it smaller.Take a peek.
  5. About your mobile menu. I prefer to put it on the right side of the viewport and this is common way to put it there.
  6. As you familiar with JS and your menu is not 100% width and height of the viewport create a script with next function: when I open menu and then click on the content of your page (body of the page not menu items) then menu close. And change font awesome burger to cross or someting similar that can show users how they can close the menu.
  7. And line-height on mobile devices needs to be a little bigger to comfort reading.

thanks ill fix it when i get home, the only reason i use bullets was to fulfill the user story.