Technical Documentation Section Problem

Hello. everyone.

I’m having struggles with the part 4 of the technical Documentation page. This part:
User Story #4: Each section element with the class of main-section should also have an id that corresponds with the text of each header contained within it. Any spaces should be replaced with underscores (e.g. The section that contains the header “JavaScript and Java” should have a corresponding id="JavaScript_and_Java" ).

And this is my project:

I appreciate your help.

If you read the error below there is written:

Some “main-section” elements are missing the following ids (don’t forget to replace spaces with underscores!) : DISADVANTAGES

If you look at the corrisponding section, you may see you are missing a letter in the id you have used

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as extra suggestions I suggest you check your html with a validator, like this one Ready to check - Nu Html Checker

You are also using the code tags in a weird way - why don’t you use them around the html elements you are explaining?

OMG! You save me.

Thanks a lot! :grin:

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Awesome! I really suggest you try to fix the html errors now, as per my last message. Your project will be even better with that!

OK. thanks for your help :wink:

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