Technical Documentation Suggestion

Hello everyone. Can you help me with my project? I just want to know your suggestions and feedback on what I did.

Everything you say will help me. Thank you :wink:

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hi @mvmalacad

good job, the page is responsive.
i just want to say:

  • you’ve got .navbar class duplicated in your css.
  • tbh, it was the first time i noticed someone nested all the a element in single li element. why don’t just nested with single div and get rid of the ul and li.


Hello. Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate that . I’m confused when I will use ul and li but I learned something from you. Let me do some research on that.

here read this

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Wow thanks for the link you provided. I learned something again.

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and i implemented it to my tech docs.

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It looks good on mobile. My only suggestion would be a floating “Back to Top” butting since there’s a lot to scroll through.

Also the Back to Top link you have doesn’t take the user all the way to the top. It stops shy of the Nav Bar. Not sure if that’s what you wanted or not but with it this way I have to scroll up to get the NavBar visible. You can use an empty <div> at the very top of your html and anchor your “Back to Top” link to that.

Here’s how I solved it on my page.