Technical Documentation Test won't pass

Getting pretty sick of these tests. I have had to add pointless code just to pass the tests, and then I get to a couple of items that I can’t figure out why it’s not passing. I am wasting valuable time trying to make these pass, even though they function properly.

Please let me know if you figure it out. Thanks!

About point 4 - The id and the headers might be equal capital letters included ^^
About point 6 - You need to use 5 <code> tag in your project^^

I have had to add pointless code just to pass the tests

Consider that ‘pointless code’ as a customer / supervisor indication: to be able to respect the user-stories ( in this case, but in general the indication of your customer/ supervisor ) is a valuable skill itself, not something a manual / documentation will teach you ^^

Thank you!

You were correct on point 4, which is weird. I guess I’m not used to capitalizing IDs or Classes.

On point 6, I had no idea what a code tag was, but now I do. Thanks again!

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