Technical Documentation UE4 feedback

Hello everyone, here I bring my fourth project. I would very much appreciate if you can give me your opinion or just see it. Below I leave the link.


Great color scheme, very nice page.
I would put a little space between your header and the ul in the navbar.
I wonder why you give the ul in the navbar a flexbox display. What is the added value?
You have styled the page well. Great fonts and use of shadows. I like the top-border on each header inside the sections. Very simple and effective.
When you shrink the width of the page and the navbar appears at the top of the screen, the title of a section is hidden behind the navbar when you jump to a chapter.
It’s not obligatory, but you could show the subtitles in the navbar as nested lists.



I like it. It’s is clean an simple yet really speaks out. The only suggestion I’ll make is adding a back to top button along the edge. When I jump down to a section and then want to go to another I have to flick the screen until I get back to the nav bar and can see the TOC again.

It could be fully stationary or maybe try a sticky link that gets stuck at the top of the screen once you scroll away from the navbar. Or a link at the end of each section would work also.

The possibilities are endless. Great job on this one.

Hello, thank you very much for your review. I had not given much account of the navbar, I forgot to put position: absolute, although it would look nice a bar that appears and disappears when you do the scroll, I will find out how to do it.


Hi, I was just thinking of adding a button to go back to the top, once down if you want to go up it is very disgusting. Thank you very much for your review!