Technical Documentation user story 3, 4, 12

Hi, I’m working on this page and I don’t understand why, I still haven’t passed these 3 user stories.

I keep working on everything else in the meantime until I get some reason why I didn’t pass those three user stories:
3 4 and 12

please help! :sleepy:

Hey Victor,

great work so far!

Your last section has a small problem.
Have a closer look if this section meets User Story 3.

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Mr. miku86, really thank you very much.
At the beginning when I saw your answer I did not believe that the error was that simple.

I mean, after spending several hours I lost objectivity, I came to think that the only possible option was an error in the script and everything was really fine, what a surprise.

I lost objectivity, sometimes you need to take a break and another point of view
Sincerely thank you very much! that solved everything.

Glad you solved it, great work!