Technical documentation, what am I missing?

So I completed all the steps and checked all the boxes, yet it is only 60%. What am I missing?

<!DOCTYPE html>

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css">
    <title>Vegan Food Technology</title>
    <meta charset="UTF-8" />
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0" />

    <nav id="navbar">
        <header>Vegan Food Tech</header>
            <li><a class="nav-link" href="#Introduction">Introduction</a></li>
            <li><a class="nav-link" href="#Milk_Substitutes">Milk Substitutes</a></li>
            <li><a class="nav-link" href="#Egg_Substitutes">Egg Substitutes</a></li>
            <li><a class="nav-link" href="#Butter_Substitutes">Butter Substitutes</a></li>
            <li><a class="nav-link" href="#Food_Colouring">Food Colouring</a></li>
    <main id="main-doc">
        <h1>Vegan Food Technology</h1>
        <section class="main-section" id="Introduction">
            <p>In this document, I will discuss the technical side of vegan cooking. We will look at different
                substitutes for you to <code>select</code> for popular baking ingredients like eggs, milk, and butter. I
                will also exlain what to look out for when purchasing food colouring to make sure it is vegan, even when
                not listed as such on the packaging.</p>
        <section class="main-section" id="Milk_Substitutes">
            <header>Milk Substitutes</header>
            <p>Milk is a very popular ingredient for most baked good. It is easy to find milk alternatives in your local
                supermarket. Some milk substitutes have a stronger taste and others are more natural.
            <ul id="types_plant_milk">Here are some of my favourite plant milks to help you <code>select</code> yours:
                <li>Coconut milk - strong flavour.</li>
                <li> Almond milk - It will give a slight nutty taste</li>
                <li>Soy milk - neutral taste, slightly sweet</li>
                <li>Oat milk - neutral taste.</li>
                <li>Rice milk - Neutral taste</li>
            <p>Contrary to popular belief, for most cakes and batter, one can simply relcae milk with water. I have had
                amples of success using water instead of milk. For certain products like fudge and sauces, water will
                obviously not give any milky or creamy consistency and if that is what you need, it is best to use a
                plant milk instead.</p>
            <p>Some recipes requires buttermilk and this can easily be replaced with a quick mixture you can make
                yourself. Simply use one cup of plant milk and mix it with a tablespoon of lemon juice or apple cider
                vinegar and let it stand for about 1 minute. It will curdle. Soy milk will produce the creamiest
                buttermilk where coconut milk is the worst option to choose for making buttermilk substitutes.</p>
            <p>If a recipe requires yogurt, you can either use a vegan yogurt or vegan mayonaise from your local
        <section class="main-section" id="Egg_Substitutes">
            <header>Egg Substitutes</header>
            <p>Egg subsituting is not always as easy as milk. Different substitutes can be used depending on the purpose
                of the egg in the recipe. Eggs can be used to bind, leavening, or add color to baked goods.</p>
            <p>Popular egg substitutes include applesauce, mashed bananas, chia seeds, flax seeds, or store bought vegan
                egg substitutes. My favourite relacemnt is with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar as I usually have this
                available. Simply Mix 1 teaspoon (7 grams) of baking soda with 1 tablespoon (15 grams) of vinegar to
                replace 1 egg in most recipes. This combination works especially well in baked goods that are meant to
                be light and airy.</p>
            <p>All that remains now for you to do is to <code>select</code> your favourite way to substitute eggs.
            <p>Becareful when using banana or applesace as both of these will add their flavour to the dish you are
            <p>Aquafaba is a very popular egg substitute. Aquafaba is the brine of canned chickpeas. You can make your
                own by boiling your own chickpeas and saving the liquid the cooked in. Aquafaba can be used as a great
                egg white substitute and you can even make vegan meringues with this.</p>
        <section class="main-section" id="Butter_Substitutes">
            <header>Butter Substitutes</header>
            <p>Butter can directly be substituted with plant oil of neutral flavour. Use sunflower oil or olive oil 1:1
                in recipes. Coconut oil will defnitely give a coconut taset to your recipe so use this one cautiously.
                There are also many vegan margarines and vegan butters available at most local supermarkets.
                <code>select</code> your favourite vegan butter and enjoy it at home
        <section class="main-section" id="Food_Colouring">
            <header>Food Colouring</header>
            <p>Most natural food colours will be vegan, but many of the red food colouring agents will include Cochineal
                or Carmine and this is made from a little beetle. Best to rather try a vegan approved red colouring or
                to use beetroot to colour with. So be careful before you <code>select</code> food colouring as it might
                contain insects.</p>


* {
    margin: 0;
    padding: 0;
    box-sizing: border-box;
    font-family: "Raleway", sans-serif;
    color: #FFFFCC;

body {
    width: 100%;
    background: olive;

header { font-weight: bold;}

#main-doc {
    display: flex;
    flex-direction: row;
    flex-wrap: wrap;
    text-align: justify;
    margin-left: 30%;
    width: 73%;

#navbar {
    vertical-align: top;
    display: flex;
    flex-wrap: wrap;
    background: #333300;
    border-right: 2px solid black;
    width: 25%;
    height: 100%;
    top: 0px;
    left: 0px;
    position: fixed;

#navbar header {
    text-align: center;
    padding: 17;
    margin: 10px;
    font-size: 25px;

.nav-link {
    display: block;
    text-decoration: none;
    padding: 12px 16px;
    border-top: 1px solid black;

.main-section p {
    padding: 15px 20px;
    font-size: 14px;

.main-section ul {
    margin-left: 40px;
    font-size: 14px;
    list-style-position: inside;
    padding-right: 20px;

code {
    font-family: monospace;
    color: #434343;

@media (max-width: 600px) {

    #navbar {
        height: 250px;
        width: 100%;
        overflow: hidden;
        border-bottom: 2px solid gray;
        display: block;

    .nav-link {
        text-align: center;
        padding: 6px;

    #main-doc {
        margin: auto;
        padding: 20px;
        display: block;

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