Technical Interview Project Feedback

I’m a self taught coder via the FCC curriculum. I’ve had a few interviews lately, and at one they asked me to connect to the star wars API, and display a list of all the characters, and be able to filter those characters by planet.
I made some progress during the two hour interview, but didn’t finish in time - I got a little stuck making async fetch requests in a recursive function.
The interviewer asked me if I wanted to finish the project, and I felt like he was hinting that it would be good if I did
I went home and worked on it over the weekend, eventually coming up with this:

I haven’t heard back from the company in over a week, even though I emailed the interviewer and shared the project with him.
Can I get some feedback on the code?
Mostly I’m curious about how the structure of it looks, the maintainability, the logical flow to it. Does it look like code that would impress an interviewer - that’s the real question.