[Technical issue] Test don't passed with github and glitch

In the Managing Packages with Npm - Use the Tilde-Character to Always Use the Latest Patch Version of a Dependency session, my code written as the solution required:

  1. “dependencies” should include “moment”
  2. “moment” version should match “~2.10.2”

However, I switched between Windows and MacOs, using Chrome, brave, IE Edge, and Mac Safari, my code looks correct but doesn’t passed, someone ever asked the same question,and I raised in the forum weeks ago, but seems not been solved.



I’ve tried several times, I suspect it is the issue from freeCodeCamp

Hello there,

Could you try changing line 14 in server.js to the following:

var allowedOrigins = ['https://narrow-plane.gomix.me', 'https://www.freecodecamp.org'];

I do not think that will necessarily solve your issue, because your app does not start for me. So, I suspect you will need to do some debugging through the logs.