Technical Page - Create an ERC-20 Token

Hey guys, Ive got to be honest going into this project I was not excited. It looked bland and boring. I didn’t think I would be able to excursive my creative self.

But I was wrong! I think this is my favorite page yet. I learned a ton. Idk if something just clicked or what but I had a lot of fun building this page and I think it turned out great. Nice and clean, responsive, and somewhat modern look.

Project Link -

Let me know your thoughts on it. Every comment is appreciated :slight_smile:



its good, i suggest you go over quality when it comes to lines not being aligned right

And your navigation bar is weird on smaller screens (use screen fly

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Screen fly is awesome! Thank you for that tool! Life saver.

Got the lines fixed and the nav bar for desktop and tablets. That should look good now.

At first I tried adding an :after effect of each ID and it ended up being a lot of code and didn’t work right. So then I tried adding an hr at the end of each article and found when I place one inside of the article and matches perfectly and is contained! Exciting stuff. lol

As far as responsiveness on mobile… I’m having a hard time trying to stack the navbar on top of the main-doc. On top of that, due to the rules of the assignment the nav bar has to always be displayed on the top. So I can’t shrink it down to a burger menu and I’m not sure how I am going to make it work with the space… I’ll keep working at it!

Thank you @michaelnicol !

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Fixed the navbar responsiveness on smaller tablets by adding the ability to scroll the menu.

Referred to the example Tech Page and found that they found a way to fit the nav bar at the top but it doesn’t even pass the test. So I copied the style so my page works. It passes all the tests on desktop and tablet but on mobile it gets a 15/16 just like the example.

Don’t worry about passing the tests. I find them annoying and useless. 11 user stories just to make it compatible, for simple things like id’s, is very annoying. It works, and it looks good.

submitting the project doesn’t actually send it to anyone, just displays on your profile somewhere.