Technical Page, Opinions?

Hi @mediacogent99 !

I think your page is really creative.

If you are submitting this for the response design certificate, then all of the tests need to pass. Right now you are only passing 6/16.

Also, the hamburger menu nav link doesn’t seem to do anything. So, maybe it doesn’t need to be a link and can just be a heading for the page.

There is an overlap of the dropdowns when you click on the html and css nav links.

Hope that helps!

thanks for your suggestion, I’ve changed the menu, so now there is no longer an over-lap.

The hamburger menu, is like a home button and a user can press that to be taken back to the hamburger menu at the top.

I’ve been coding for the last 12 hours to complete this site, plus like 6-8 hours yesterday.

Hopefully it isn’t the case that the user stories are rigid in terms of the layout of a website. I’ve made sure to meet and pass the tests.

If it does get rejected I will just remove display: none; on the “hidden” class and submit that.

Have a good night, and thanks again for the reply.

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