Technical page problems! Help Please!

I am totally stuck on these last two problems!!! Help very much appreciated! Thank you!

This project is basically copying word for word the content from I doubt the creators of that website would appreciate your using their content without their permission.

Yeah, thanks for your input Randell.
I am very new at this and I am learning how and what to do by examples so I can create my own stuff once I understand how it works. It is a framework for me and I am not finished yet. It is not like I am am publishing it but learning from it. As a “mentor” perhaps you could have choose a more caring way to make your point and even offered suggestions to my inquiry for help.

to claim your certificate you will need to agree to the academic honesty pledge, saying that your projects are your original work and not plagiarized

for your help request, check the error text below each failed user story, and see if you can use those to understand what you need to change

beaker !== beacker :wink:

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Remove blank space in header tag

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Thank you for your response. I did over and over and over again. I have been trying to figure it out for several days. I often don’t understand the error messages. My process has been trial and error with everything and learning along the way.
I finally got the #1 content after trying many different sources and codes. I am trying to get the criteria completed and then go in and make it my own. This entire process I have felt like I am lost and in the dark and trying to feel my way through.

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I will try it! Thank you!!!

Yes change beacker , beaker everywhere in the app and remove blank space, It will work, I did it…

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Thank you Nootim! I really appreciate you pointing me in the right direction!!!

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