Technical Page project feedback

Hey everyone! Just finished up the technical page project. Used Bob Ross Lipsum for the content. Let me know what you think.

Hi @IDFitz, your project works perfectly, and passes all FCC tests.

Now, it would be nice to see a different design than the project example, like the one you implemented on your tribute page, that was the way to go, a touch of personality on your projects.

For a moment I thought the background color (#BABABA) and text color (black) were not going to pass the WCAG Contrast Tests, but they did, so I can’t say anything about it.

Overall, well done and congratulations!! :slight_smile:

Alright alright @2alin , you’re right. I definitely left the Technical Doc page bland. Which is truly a disgrace considering I used Bob Ross Lipsum at that! I’m honestly really just wanting to get to the Portfolio page and onto the JS lessons. While I didn’t go back and change much of the overall structure, I did change up the style and colors to add more personality to it. Thanks for sort of calling me out on that. Cheers!

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Yup, it’s tempting to overlook on projects that look boring, but in my opinion those projects are the ones that have more freedom to apply our creativity and make them look interesting.

The Technical Documentation Project was my favorite one and I was quite happy with the results, specially how I used ::after and ::before pseudoclasses for decoration purposes, and the effect for the navbar I was able to achieve in small devices. If you are interested, you can give it a look to my project and maybe get some inspiration for your future works.

Cheers @IDFitz and happy coding!

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