Technical site design

I finished thank God from programming and designing a technical site with html & css
Company (Tech makers)
The site will be launched soon, God willing
The page link on my site on code code:

When I use your navbar it brings up a 404 page not found error. Try for example adding id=“about” to your “about” div and add href="#about" to your navbar element. <li href="#about">About</li> and <div id="about"></div>

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Do you mean menus within the page?

The site looks good, in your css i noticed that you repeat yourself quite a bit, from line 441 onwards you can shorten:

.appendix a:hover {
color: #fff;
text-decoration: none;
.appendix a:active {
color: #fff;
text-decoration: none;


.appendix a:hover, .appendix a:active {
color: #fff;
text-decoration: none;

The same thing can be done for the other css rules that are repeated

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I assume you posted this for some feedback on a site that is actually going to be used for a business, so here’s just a couple of notes in bullet form for you to consider:

  • Firstly, you need to sharpen up the sentence construction on your homepage. You offer translation and content services (ostensibly in the English language) but some of what’s written makes no real sense. I appreciate that English differs in style and tone around the world (by the dialling code it looks like you are in Palestine?), but I would argue that it needs to be a more traditional style if you want to appeal to a global customer base. These are good examples of where it’s gone awry:

  • The participations of everything new in the world of three-dimensional drawing and the deliberate three-dimensional drawing finds it closer to realism

  • All about digital publishing and marketing
    To widely publish websites, blogs, ads and websites
    Upload and upload files of all types and sizes on links and published

  • I think your main-paragraph section needs a background image on it, with the purple overlaid on top and some opacity applied to it. You’re trying to promote a company that deals in visuals and that is the first thing you see - make it a little more striking.

  • The layout in the ‘About company’ section doesn’t make sense in relation to the rest of your site. Have the picture above the text, similar to the layout of the video below it.

  • Add some padding/margins to your watch video section

  • Your range slider doesn’t seem to do anything

  • The ‘open the album’ buttons look garish compared to the rest of the site. I’m sure the colours and positioning can be integrated better here.

  • Typo on ‘your message - messace’

  • Just one final thing - you have nearly 500 lines of CSS on what is a relatively straightforward site. Maybe review your CSS and find out if you have a lot of needless styling in there. I’ve just put together a visually diverse site with some animations and tweaks and only have 1/4 of the CSS you have. It’s not a criticism, and you may need it all, but I suspect that you can clean it up. It’ll make future maintenance that much easier too.

Hope some of that helps.

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Thank you for your beautiful remark

Great comments and useful to a new programmer like me