Technical web page

for user story12 i am not sure what it is asking of me. is it asking to be an internal link with the corresponding text matching the section/header text?

almost done with it just need user 12 and one layout requirement. woo hoo

please provide your whole project code when you ask for help
if you are working on codepen you can share the link to your pen

you are cheating with code element, there is nothing inside!

below the failed user story you can see an hint of what’s going on:

Check that these headers have corresponding .nav-link elements and be mindful of case! : YOGA VS PILATES

in this case I would say, check your spelling

<looks at you baffled>
Cheating?? Au contraire!!!

the goal is to create a webpage following certain user stories
if it was indications for a job, it wouldn’t be accepted like that - the tests are a guidance, sometimes a bit less than bare minimum

yep which is why i am kind of worried

ah. well.

who dunzit

with the <code> element we didn’t even learn that element it wasn’t in the learning activities so how was i supposed to know what goes in it

it is called research, you will it find more and more necessary as you go forward