Technology or Framework behind Multi-level-marketing Companies (the hierarchy and calculations)

Dear Members,

Recently I came across various MLM companies, I am curious to know how they are calculating everything or simply how everything is done using technology.

Let’s understand my question with help of an example:
Company Name - ABC MLM Marketing.
What Company do- provide links to users, which users click and they are being paid for example $0.5 per link click.
Also, Company pays more if I am able to add more members.

My CONCERN: a. What framework generally these companies uses?
b. Algorithm or how calculation per members is being made. (like how company knows how many links users has clicked or have really opened).
Every link has unique username and id. But how these are generated, when members are high.
c. How chain of members is being calculated. Like I added 2 members, so I will get more money.

Would be really thankful if you can help me in addressing this issue.

Regards Pranjal

i can’t answer your quetions specifically, but it’s a really interesting question from both a technology as well as an algorithmic perspective.

If you are thinking of coding your own, it would really help if you wrote out your goals and hierarchy and rules, and then you can design yoru data structures according to how you want to keep track of them.

This may help or maybe not…another user posted a link to it. I’ll be interested in hearing what others reply.

Thanks for your kind reply. Yes, I will definitely prepare a plan and other things, but I was thinking to find a good Base or some already coded web apps doing the same. So that it can give an overall idea

I found thsi doing a simple search on github…

search fro MLM there, or “MLM open source”