Tell me something that's made you happy lately

I’ll start (obviously). Sometimes I get reeeeally disheartened by the challenges on here because I feel like I’m not good enough or logical enough to figure them out, and a lot of the times, I have to google A LOT and end up just piecing my answers together not really understanding it.

Well, tonight, I finished one of the challenges, without looking at any code samples of it online, and completely on my own. Granted, it took me about a week to finish it. But every time I wanted to just google the answer, I told myself that doesn’t help me at all, which is the entire reason I’m doing FCC, and that if I just stick it out, I will figure it out. And I did.

And while being a developer is still far away for me, I’m sure, this makes the prospect of it seem just a little more possible.


I’ve been coding for a while now, and I was hanging around the free code camp gitter chat room. Someone was asking for advice on how to expand the width of a div to match a parent div that had padding. I original told him it wasn’t possible, but then I started looking into it and found out it was indeed possible and that I was wrong. To me, that was a good moment because I learned something I didn’t know before, and humbled me to knowing there is always something new to learn.

A woodchuck (aka groundhog) came into my back garden and ate my daisies. And that made me happy! Sometimes you just have to get away from the screen, go outside, take a walk in the woods!

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