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In step 15, what am I being asked to do below?

Step 15

You have styled three elements by writing CSS inside the style tags. This works, but since there will be many more styles, it’s best to put all the styles in a separate file and link to it.

We have created a separate styles.css file for you and switched the editor view to that file. You can change between files with the tabs at the top of the editor.

Start by rewriting the styles you have created into the styles.css file. Make sure to exclude the opening and closing style tags.

to write the css in the new styles.css file that has appeared in the editor

I don’t understand. Please, explain a little more…।

what do you not understand? what have you tried? what’s giving you issues?

Hey :slight_smile: just copy and paste the styles you previously wrote in the html file to the style.css file. Make sure to not included spaces between the nested selectors in the style.css file.