TensorFlow and Replit

Even after upgrading to a paid account on Replit, TensorFlow will not install. Can I just submit a link to my Github code for my machine learning projects or do I need to submit a link to a Replit project?
Has anyone ever gotten TensorFlow to install on Replit? I’ve lots of links to questions about the same issue I’m having but I have never found anyone that posted a solution.
Has anyone at freeCodeCamp tried to run a machine learning model on Replit recently?

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Have you tried the suggestion given here: https://replit.com/talk/ask/To-use-TensorFlow-in-Replit-run-pip-in/20684/517663

To use TensorFlow in Replit, run pip install tensorflow-cpu in the shell, then create a .replit file and in it, put:

run="python main.py"


Now you can use import tensorflow as tf

The Replit VM has no GPU, so you have to install tensrflow-cpu, which has CPU-only support.
When you install tensorflow-cpu, if you use import tensorflow , python imports tensorflow-cpu. Replit doesn’t know that, so when you import tensorflow it will automatically install normal tensorflow. By adding tensorflow to ignoredPackages, Replit won’t install normal tensorflow.

Hope this helps


This helped for me!
Thanks a lot

Isn’t working for me (I am subscribed at replit). I contacted them and they told me they don’t support tensorflow at this time.

Installing collected packages: tensorflow
ERROR: Could not install packages due to an EnvironmentError: [Errno 122] Disk quota exceeded: ‘/opt/virtualenvs/python3/lib/python3.8/site-packages/tensorflow/libtensorflow_framework.so.2’

I ran ‘pip install tensorflow-cpu’ in the shell.

/rock-paper-scissors-1$ pip install tensorflow-cpu
Requirement already satisfied: tensorflow-cpu in

My .replit file:

language = “python3”
run = “python main.py”


Such a shame.


It works now after I upgraded to the latest version of pip with:

pip install --upgrade pip

Thank you this worked for me

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