Tesla tribute page

Hello campers! :slight_smile:
here we go with my first tribute page: https://codepen.io/Eidan78/pen/pWeEmb

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Looks clean and to the point. Could maybe liven up the page with more design aesthetics. One suggestion, try adding a unique typeface for the page title (h1) from google fonts.

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Very neat and tidy - nothing wrong with that! Perhaps it could be visually a bit more interesting, but that’s a subjective view (like most things in design!). Good job!

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thanks I will work on that! :slight_smile:

The bad part is that I’m a deisgner who’s learning to code. So I know the design could be a lot better and I’ve to figure out how to do that with code. I will improve it! thanks! :wink:

Looks nice :smiley:


min-width: 370px;

to the body

body {


Because text starts to go weird after you go below 370 pixels.

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it looks too small now? what am I missing?

Sorry min-width

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Yes I thought about that and already corrected it to “min-weight”. Thanks a lot! This community is awesome! :slight_smile:

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