TEST and FEED please?

So… When I tossed my portfolio for review, I got a lot of: It looks good but the projects are too basic.
Now I’ve been working on this one and need some honest opinion:



to test as teacher- email: teacher@teacher.com pass: teacher
to test as student- email: student@student.com pass: student

Open two browser windows, use one to log in as teacher and the other to log in as student


  • A teacher registers and creates a new class for which he gets a class “CODE”
  • The student registers and uses the class code to enroll
  • The teacher can add new assignments to the class
  • The student can read the new assignments
  • The teacher can communicate real time with students of that class on the class chat
  • The teacher can see the roster of a particular class
  • The teacher can delete a class
  • The student can drop out of a class

Thanks in advance!!!

I made a bunch of comments on styling, then I saw your PS. Sorry taking your time :frowning: .

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lol, damn brother. Im sorry for taking yours… Ill edit so that PS can be up top! Thanks much for checking it out anyways! Any opinions on something other than styles?

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Well, I’m a beginner, still learning HTML and CSS and haven’t done any JS. So I really have no idea what’s going on here xD

Welcome to the world of coding!!! And good luck on your journey! =)

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a usability and future application tip.

Very few HR or hiring managers will bother to fill out a form or password
when reviewing a project, they’ll see it as a waste of their time and skip,
unless they are REALLY interested in you or your work .

Best offer a pre-filled sign in form. If you implement it now, you already know how to do it and your student projects will stand out. It’s just a few lines of JS. There are many examples to copy if you search “demo pre-fill forms”.

Wish you much success in your career!

Hey, thanks much. I thought about providing the testing credentials but not to pre fill which is a super easy and quick implementation. That’s a great point you raised and I appreciate it!

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