Test Assignment for Interview

I am using StackOverflow to find jobs. I was recommended a Senior Front End Developer / Full Stack Developer position in Vancouver. The CTO is eager to find qualified developers. He reached out on multiple channels to arrange a call. We chatted for about a half hour, then he offered a test assignment. I was given this project brief. https://github.com/bauhouse/symetria-assignment


So, I built this: http://symetria.surge.sh/

I was asked to come in for an interview on Tuesday.

Thanks for getting me back up to speed, freeCodeCamp!


Congratulations! Best of luck :slight_smile: Hard work pays off

Which Javascript file was included in the assets they gave you? This is an interesting interview assignment and Iā€™m thinking about doing it for fun/practice.

Thanks, @wedge!

@Nicknyr, actually the only assets provided were the SVG icons and the screenshot. Everything else I either found on their existing site, found examples in articles and tutorials, or coded myself.

Oh, right, I forgot, @Nicknyr. The JavaScript file was to simulate the API call. It was called ApiMock.js.