Test failing after right steps

I have added all the steps as instructed in the help section still getting the failure.
Server is running fine.

solution: https://boilerplate-mongomongoose.amankumar51.repl.co

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Challenge: Create a Model

Link to the challenge:

This isn’t going to work, the function will never run:
(why should it run, there’s no request coming in that waits for a response)

     const person=mongoose.model("Person",personSchema);
  } catch(err){

Next issue is that the tests look for a model named Person (uppercase), yours is lowercase.

After removing the app.use still it is not working.

try {
  const Person = mongoose.model("Person", personSchema);
} catch (err) {

still not working

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What’s your current code? You haven’t updated the repl.

Do you get any errors?

Have you removed this from the top of your file?
let Person;

Solved.Thnks jsdisco.