Test Menu isn't showing up

I did project one (Tribute Page) and two (Survey Form) last week using the CodePen interface. Everything was fine.

I worked on Project Three (Product Landing Page) in Visual Studio Code, because that’s what I use in real life, then copied and pasted the .css and .html into the windows at CodePen. The page looks all right in CodePen’s Full Page mode and I can make changes to html and css and it shows up.

But I don’t have the hamburger menu in the upper left corner to click and run the tests.

Is it me? Is it CodePen? Is it FCC?

Here is a link to it. https://codepen.io/JohnPomeroy/pen/ZjzmBv Warning. It’s not pretty.

If you can edit your post to include the pen link, we can take a look.

if you go and look at the responsive web design projects , you will see they mention the test script needs to be kept in the html file. Just copy it back in from the FCC sample project and you should be golden.

Thank you hbar 1st.

I don’t recall reading that but it makes and made the difference.

And I got 16/16.

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awesome! :+1: I love it when things work out!

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