Test module (window) error issues

There are two lessons so far that my “test module” (window) will not accept the right answer for: “html - check radio buttons and checkboxes by default” and “applied visual design - set the font size for multiple heading elements”. All other lessons I have done so far have been accepted by your (freecodecamp.org’s IDE) “test module” (compiler?). Just wondering why these two lessons are the only ones, considering the lessons before and after these, work perfectly fine. I’ve also “completed” the lessons in a separate app and they work fine there too, with the same exact coding. The result in the console is correct but the “testing” window tells me I’m wrong or didn’t enter the correct coding.
Can you help? I keep losing precious coding time trying to “debug” these incidences, that obviously have nothing to do with me or possibly even my device. I figure if it was my device it would happen with most or all of my lessons but this seems to be “very” random.

Thanks to anyone that can solve this problem. It seems to me to be a coding error with the IDE itself.


The certification starts with this:

Note: Some browser extensions, such as ad-blockers and dark mode extensions can interfere with the tests. If you face issues, we recommend disabling extensions that modify the content or layout of pages, while taking the course.

Try following that advice

Or you could have a browser that doesn’t support some features used in those tests

I don’t understand ilenia why I get an error message for the said lesson (see image attached above) mentioned above but the very next lesson, which “includes” the same exact code but has one extra line of code per class element added is accepted. Makes no sense to me. If the “test” module accepts it with additional code why not with the initial code. See below:

the tests are different, it is testing a different thing, even if it seems similar at a glance, the tests are not similar

Hi ilenia,
I realize they are testing for two slightly different things but the second lesson mentioned above, is still accepting the code for the “font-size” along with the “font-weight” code. If it didn’t I would (or should) still get an error message if the “font-size” is coded wrong - that is if the IDE is programmed properly. Or at the very least the result in the console area should show something different than what the result should be (e.g., the fonts would “not” be the correct size; the “checkbox” would “not” be checked, etc.). But in both cases, for me, they have been correct in the console but the “test” is not receiving this “correct” information (code). Just for these two lessons. All others are fine.
It’s just very hard for me to comprehend that Safari could be “this” discriminative when dealing with code, unless it has its own code for these two situations. And these only.

Just wondering why it or any browser would be so different in how it handles these two situations. Cause I tried Chrome too (for the “checkbox by default” lesson) and got the same “test error” as I did in Safari.

I’ve tried the things you have suggested and these two lessons (so far) have still given the same resulting error message. Is there anything else I can do if this happens again in future lessons?

Thanks for your help, ilenia. I appreciate the assistance.


Ignore and go forward, the only necessary part to complete is the projects

Ok, thanks for your help.