Test my knowledge

Just started here and i have finished both html and css basics. How can I test my self and really challenge myself to do better? I am completely new to this and have no experience.

Build things.

what tools can I use. should have specified i am a complete noob on this

At the end of the section there are several projects to work on.

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I was looking for something like a quiz. Where i have one single task. Something like a test…

look at each user story of the projects as the test, if you were tasked to create a main element with id of main that contains all the other elements, can you do it?

That’s what the challenges have been. A quiz of terminology isn’t really meaningful in programming. What you are building up to is the ability to build web applications. The projects are the test of that.

I see what you mean. Learn by doing. The practice is me making a page, noticing how things react to the changes i am making. Honestly the most confusing thing is terminology.

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