Test requirement running slowly

Hi there!

I am working on my curriculum page project.

While running the tests I am getting a “yellow warning” for the requirement number 7 (the one about the navbar). It seems like the code is slow or not optimum but I can’t figure out what is causing the issue.

Any help is welcome. Thanks!

PS. codepen link: https://codepen.io/Allvvaro/pen/XWXmgoN


The tests ran fine for me, and it shows that you are passing all 12. :slight_smile:

Hey! Thanks for answering.

Yes, the test pass for me too. The thing is that for number 7 it gets stucked for a second or so in yellow. Then if you open the tests details, it has a tag saying 1000ms (more or less).

Maybe that is normal, but I thought it could be that I was writing messy code and wanted to be sure about that.


no, it’s taking a bit more time because it is actually checking if the page moves by “clicking” the links