Test Runner Fail

see attached:

The challenge asks you to remove the global flag ‘g’ however, when you do:

The previous challenge has the correct terminal command:
echo ‘28 | Mountain’ | sed ‘s/ //g’

The current Get A Hint section says the code is:
echo ‘28 | Mountain’ | sed 's/ //g

There is no apostrophe at the end.

The correct answer for this challenge I believe:
echo ‘28 | Mountain’ | sed ‘s/ //’

I get the Test Runner Fail when I try to hit run on the code.

I suggest mentioning which course you are doing and including a link to it.

I am on step that is in the module. There are no ref# I can refer.

I just confirmed this part. Yes this is an issue in this step and in other steps too

The command that I used to pass this was
echo '28 | Mountain' | sed 's/ //'

For the missing quote in the hint, I suggest opening a new issue in github by following the instructions below

Thank you for helping make FCC better. Bugs can be reported as GitHub Issues. Whenever reporting a bug, please check first that there isn’t already an issue for it and provide as much detail as possible.

That is my issue, when I use that command it does not pass the module. Which I used correctly in my first post.

if you have already tried all the trouble shooting steps such as doing a soft reset etc. then unfortunately you have to delete the entire container from codeally.io (login and find the virtual environment that has the course and delete it from there)
This means all the steps you completed will be gone unfortunately and you have to start from scratch.

Could you run the test again and show me what this looks like @jaredparis85:

Click the Output next to the terminal, and then CodeRoad (Tests) in the dropdown.

Also, could you go back to the terminal and run these two commands - from the project folder, enter cd .freeCodeCamp to go into that folder, then run npm run programmatic-test to run the tests and share the output. Thanks.

It’s saying there’s an error with your .mocharc.json file. Can you show me what that looks like. It’s in the .freeCodeCamp folder.

You can use cat .mocharc.json or cat .freeCodeCamp/.mocharc.json - or open it however you want.

That CodeRoad (Tests) option may not be there because the tests are failing to run. Maybe it only shows up after they run.

I don’t see that using the ls command

From the output section
------------------- RUN TEST -------------------


COMMAND: npm run programmatic-test --reporter=mocha-tap-reporter

Calling command: npm run programmatic-test --reporter=mocha-tap-reporter

STATE: “Tutorial.Level.Normal”

ROUTE: “Tutorial.Level.Normal”: On level 1407, step 1407.1

STATE: “Tutorial.Level.TestRunning”

ROUTE: “Tutorial.Level.TestRunning”: On level 1407, step 1407.1

---------------- TEST RESULTS -----------------


STATE: “Tutorial.Level.Normal”

ROUTE: “Tutorial.Level.Normal”: On level 1407, step 1407.1

Use ls -a to see the hidden directory

Results of your request

from the .freecodecamp directory please do this

more .mosharc.json

I wrote what you suggested but also what I think you meant. Not sure if ‘more .mosharc.json’ was a typo in your last response.

I don’t know if this is a good idea or not, but here are the contents of my file. Maybe you can copy them into your file (just try to open the file with the command nano .mocharc.json and then copy the code from here and paste the code into the file using the SHIFT+INSERT keys)

codeally@a3072e0f02ae:~/project/.freeCodeCamp$ more .mocharc.json

  "spec": ["./test/1407.test.js"],
  "reporter": "mocha-tap-reporter",
  "fail-zero": false,
  "timeout": "5000",
  "exit": "true",
  "grep": "/./"

Then CTRL-X to exit and Y to save

Edit: in my file I am on step 1411 so I changed the 1411 to 1407
(I’m on a later step than you so I edited the file slightly)

You are a genius! God bless you.

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So each prompt after has been broken. The answer of the previous Test works to move past. If that makes sense.

you might want to fix the .mocharc.json file though as it looks like you may have pasted some characters that shouldn’t be there…