Test Runner Failed - Learn Bash Scripting by Building Five Programs

can you do a soft reset from the green hamburger menu in the top left corner of the screen?
After that please check again
cd ~/project/.freeCodeCamp
more .mocharc.json

if the result is still an empty file (no result from the more command) then one possible workaround is to run
nano .mocharc.json
and use copy and paste (with SHIFT-INSERT) to paste the following code in

  "spec": ["./test/940.test.js"],
  "reporter": "mocha-tap-reporter",
  "fail-zero": false,
  "timeout": "5000",
  "exit": "true",
  "grep": "/./"

Then once you have pasted the code in carefully you should enter

to save it

Then run more .mocharc again to confirm the contents are exactly as provided.

Then try the step again.