Test suite not showing with React (Random Quote project)


I read through a few solutions but none work, so I thought I’ll raise my question here.
I’m doing a Random Quote website and I am using React and ReactDOM. (codepen web here: https://codepen.io/paniczkostek/pen/wvmONqL).
Everything runs fine but I lost the burger menu from Test Suite.
I’ve tried adding script within didMount, I’ve added it in HTML at the beginning and end. Tried incognito view to bypass cookies. Added it in settings of codepen but nothing brings it back.
When I remove React code the burger menu comes back and is fully useable.
I would be very grateful for your assistance.


in your html, don’t make the body be where the react app is rendered, make it a div or something else

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Thank you so much! Menu’s back ^^

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