Test - Technical Page - help, please

Hello wonderfull developers and students,

I would like to ask for some help! I´m little stack with the test. My project it is not finished, but I´ve ran the test and I can´t understand where my mistake in HTML code is.

The error mesage is this:

  • List item
    Each element with the class of “nav-link” should contain text that corresponds to the text within each (e.g. if you have a “Hello world” section/header, your navbar should have an element which contains the text “Hello world”).

Here the link to my pen (I hope it works):
Technical Documentation Page project

What I can imagine is that maybe cause I give an special ID to the

  • elements, the test doesn´t recognize it propperly…?

    really appreciated for your help community :slight_smile:

    Best wishes for you!

  • You’ve some errors in your HTML with tags like this: < a> or < li>. If you want to literally display the tag name including the brackets, you’ll have to wrap them in <code> tags like this:


    There’s another mistake with the text in the last of your .nav-link elements, the text of the <a> tag doesn’t match the ID (you’ve “CSS Responsive” instead of “CSS Responsive & Media Queries”.

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    jsdisco, I´m really appreciated!

    The problem was solved, it was always in front of me :sweat_smile:

    However, still being a “problem”:

    when I use tags to display elements like< li > or < a > it doesn´t work (the same here typping it in this topic), whats happening? maybe due the internet navigator? I´m using google chrome instead Mozilla.

    Solution found. I must set the special characters in the correct way inside the tags.

    I´m learning yet.