Test Tool is buggy

I have completed the first 12 challenges, but when it comes to the navbar (user story #13) I write in css “position: fixed” and, suddenly, as you can see in the image, the test tool starts to display “Testing 1/16”.
Same problem in Edge and not working at all in Firefox.
Can someone help me?
Thanks and sorry for my bad english.

I got this problem too. I managed to kluldge my way through it by typing or deleting a character in the comment string. I type/delete a period, click off the test suite, click it on again, and run the tests (or click off/on and then type/delete something). It works, but I have to type/delete something every time I run a test.

Really wish FCC would say something about these problems that frequently keep us from progressing with the self-education we need for our futures.

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