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I’m having a hard time finding the drop-down menu and the “RUN TESTS” button to run the tests against the blank pen. Here is what I’ve done so far please help.

1- I clicked the link to codepen provided by FCC Tribute Page -ReadMe instructions.

2- I clicked the save button.

3- I clicked the fork button.

Please help.

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Open up the settings on your pen and go to Javascript. Paste the following in your libraries:


That’s all you need to do. You don’t need to fork.



Here’s a screenshot of what I have so far, can you please tell me what am I doing wrong?

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Are you using Babel for your project?

If it’s there because that’s what’s forked. That may be part of the issue. Really start a new project, and add only the libraries and processors you’re going to use.

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Thank you for this! I was losing my mind :rofl:

can i make my projects on my labtop;
how i test it ?
aby help plz ?

Thank you for the instructions :slight_smile:
Finally got it working

You can build your projects on your laptop but to submit them you need to have them somewhere online publicly visible (codepen for example)

I was with the same problem here. Fixed with your help. Thanks.