Teste de Verdade. Algum pode ajudar?

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Não passa esse código
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solution: https://replit.com/@beatrizgames/boilerplate-mochachai-9

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Challenge: Test for Truthiness

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In which way don’t you pass? What does the failing test say?

Não tem erro…

Its highly unlikely that you made zero errors. I find that to be a bad mindset to be in when debugging. All programmers constantly make errors.

Again, what does the failing test say?

Erro geral

You broke the test:

    test('#isTrue, #isNotTrue', function() { // Where did the closing } and ) go?
  assert.isTrue(true, 'true is true');
  assert.isTrue(!!'double negation', 'double negation of a truthy is true');
    { value: 'truthy' },
    'A truthy object is NOT TRUE (neither is false...)'
// They should be here, but you changed code you weren't supposed to change

Como assim? Usei em 2 replic separados

Where did you change it? I don’t see a change in your repl.

Mudei o usuário do replic resolveu…