Testing is not working

Chrome will Work. The test will work.

are you sure you included the test suite?

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Thanks. Chrome is working (but first it needs to change some setup). But Firefox still not work.

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As was stated a few days ago by lasjorg;
“I have already contacted Codepen about this issue. For now, there isn’t really anything we can do about it on our end.”

If you scroll up you’ll see the post along with a link to a thread with more info.

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Did you get any update @lasjorg?

No, nothing new. But it was during the holidays so it might have been backlogged.

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I will be coding locally and pasting the code to codepen in the meantime. I am really curious about this error though.

It’s fine for you to do that. And if you look at your pen with a Chrome browser you’ll never see the issue that was reported.


Holidays are over.

We will share news when there is news to share. We can’t make it happen faster than it happens.

Edit: an update was posted here

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It is working Perfectly - The test suite. @JeremyLT
@lasjorg Thanks for your support