Testing my Tribute page project

My code passed 9/10 tests. I can’t seem to figure out the test that isn’t passed. Here’s a link: https://codepen.io/wini-dee/pen/MWyppjd

look at the error below the failed test:

<a> element with id="tribute-link" must contain an href attribute

do you think you can figure out the issue looking at the error?

No I can’t. I’ve looked at it and it contains an href attribute.

are you sure you have an anchor element with that id?
because if I look at your code, I can find that id, but it’s not on an anchor element

I’m stuck I did what I thought was missing now and it’s still not working

if you look at the error below the failed user story it has changed, read it and try to fix the issue - if I do the required change it passes

Fixed it. Thanks. I had a “blank” input instead of “_blank”