Testing script incorrect?

Hi, I am copying and pasting the following script into Codepen for the tribute page project, and it is still running 17 checks for the Survey Form project (instead of 10 checks for the Tribute Page), so I am unable to see if the 10 user stories are accurately met in the tribute:


I use Chrome browser. I realize the script is the same for both projects, so I am wondering what may be causing this or if anyone has found a solution to this occurring.

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

Link to the challenge:

Did you use the dropdown menu and select the correct test?

Also, note that if you forked the Survey Form starter project *example project but use it for the Tribute page project it will have some JS code that locks the test to the Survey Form test. You can remove the JS code (from the JS code box) to get the dropdown unlocked.

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I was overlooking that there was a dropdown! I see that now, and thank you.

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