Testing with Jasmine

My app uses AngularJS (Angular 1). Within the app, we use Angular Formly to facilitate the creation of forms with database information.

Now, there’s no way in hell anyone is going to figure out how to test a form created with Angular Formly. However, what someone might be able to help with is “connecting an HTML template to javascript code”, the code that I’m testing.

On the one hand, code that operates in concert with an HTML template can be inserted into my app…providing amazing validations, cool styles, etc. On the other hand, we’d like to apply a specific validation rule to a ui-bootstrap-datepicker (limiting date selection to dates on or later than the current day). It’s hard as hell to figure out how to do that. If I could apply Jasmine to this effort (by connecting the template to my code), it would help immensely.

Thanks in advance for whatever you can do to help.