Tests 12,13 are not passed although everything seems correct. Please Check. This is in reference to Responsive Web Design Projects - Build a Technical Documentation Page

Tests 12,13 are not getting passed although it seems that the code is correct. Please inform me my mistakes(in case) or please tell me how to pass those tests.

When I click run tests on codepen, I get errors in the above mentioned tests. This is in reference to the Responsive Web Design Projects - Build a Technical Documentation Page. as a part of the first course for full stack developer certification.

  • Browser Name, Version: Google Chrome,Version 76.0.3806.1 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)
  • Operating System: Windows 10
    I am using a Desktop Computer

Link to my pen:

You should only have one header element in your entire project. I see at least 9 header elements. The header element should contain the nav elements.

No that’s not right.

User Story #3: The first element within each .main-section should be a header element which contains text that describes the topic of that section.

The problem is you have too many <a> tags

You have:
<a name="Introduction" class="nav-link"></a><a href="#Introduction"><p>Introduction</p></a>

Should be:
<a name="Introduction" class="nav-link" href="#Introduction"><p>Introduction</p></a>

If you just delete this ></a><a between the class and href attributes you will pass the test.

I have tried the way you said, but it’s still not working.

Thanks. It worked. Sorry for the previous comment.