Tests can't be validated

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I can’t figure out what’s the error could be. Please see error section below.
Your help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you

// running tests
joinDogFraternity should use the constructor property.
// tests completed
// console output

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function Dog(name) {
 this.name = name;

// Add your code below this line
function joinDogFraternity(candidate) {
 return candidate.constructor === Dog
let dog = new Dog('mydog')
console.log(dog.constructor === Dog)

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Challenge: Understand the Constructor Property

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Read the requirements again.

Write a joinDogFraternity function that takes a candidate parameter and, using the constructor property, return true if the candidate is a Dog, otherwise return false.

Have a look at the code example given as well for another hint.

After restarting my machine, the same code passed the test. Strange!