Tests don't check for any/many css rules

I feel like it’s really easy to just write the bare minimum with html, and then do almost zero css work, and still get the points toward a certification. This feels like cheating, is it allowed/why are there no checks/requirements for css functionality?

It’s not just about the certification. It’s also about finding your interest and building upon it. These certificates are not really anything you going to mention in your CV, you are doing it for yourself. So if people do only the bare minimum and thinking they outsmarted the system, they are wrong, they only lost on the opportunity to learn something new. This is not school nor professional certification…

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For me, it’s not about cheating the system, it’s just hard to find motivation to make something good, when I’m only doing it to complete the course. So having no requirements for css just means I probably won’t learn as much.

You could approach these projects as if you were going to apply for a job and use them as a reference. Make them look polished. You will need more CSS to accomplish this and will probably have to review many of the concepts you thought you already learned to do so. In the end, you would end up learning more than if FCC created more tests that you would still be able to do the bare minimum to pass.

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Idk, still not ideal that I have to make that motivational step in my head imo, but ty :slight_smile:

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