Tests running on code shows incorrect

after another element? which is what i did with div
because the running test said to do but when i did you’re saying the div needs to be by itself

so if i cut the code and leave div by itself it closes it with the id being on it’s own and being incorrect?

The test said no such thing. You need to only do what the user story/test tell you to do. Based on your recent changes, you do not seem to understand where element attributes are supposed to be placed based. Please redo all of the Basic HTML section before replying again. If not, you are going to struggle through this project. I can not help you further until you take the necessary steps to learn about how to create elements and how to add id and class attributes (which are required for this project). You also need to learn the difference between an element’s text and it’s attributes/values.

it says within the div element there should be a coressponding image-div. if it’s saying within then im assuming its about making the div include image-div in it?

What is the difference between saying something is within an element or within the opening tag of an element?

the code is correct as to the reason being that it actually creates a visual and shows it as something, its apparently showing the picture and the title, yet the testing hasn’t changed and says i am not fufilling 2, 4, and 5 after i run it.


This is not an element. Where in the curriculum was this taught? I asked you to go back through the entire Basic HTML section, but I guess you did not?

Just because something shows up on the page does not mean you are following the instructions. You have to learn to do exactly what is asked. You have yet to do that.

ok and its good now for that specific one woohoo

i still cannot figure out why i have put down img as the element with the code assoicates after like src and id and it’s not being correct

It’s always a challenge for me to do exactly what the challenge says and not “this would work.” It’s only right if a: the syntax details are right and b: I did exactly what the challenge says to do in the way it said to do it. Sometimes I have to just start all over (and usually I find the tiny little thing that was tripping me up (an extra " or not the right way to close a tag or not to)… but sometimes … it looks exactly the same only it works that time…)

that the tags are separate from the item within the element?

im on number 8 now where it asks to set the max width to none. i added the style tags and within them i put img {max-width: none;} and it’s still incorrect

It would help if you kept your code to one pen. You have so many forks that it is hard to know which one you are working on. It makes sense to fork when you make big changes or just to have one or two copies. Just to be sure, please link to the current pen you are working on.

I do not see any CSS in your pen. It is not asking you to set max-width to none.

Try using the "max-width" style property : expected 'none' to not equal 'none'

It is asking you to use the max-width with a value (e.g. max-width: 100%).

just tried that it didn’t work

ok it’s ok now i figured out why.

for the last one it says i need to center it and i used justify content but that didn’t work.why?

Well you seem to be passing all the tests now, so that’s good. I would however strongly suggest you keep working on the page. And like it was suggested you may want to go back through the HTML and CSS curriculum one more time.

You need to set the container to be a flex or grid container, otherwise justify-content will not work.

Ok I’m not aware of min number requisite

What would the corresponding be? I tried min-number: -infinity but it didn’t work. It’s asking me to have a number requisite for my form entry no letters

Look at the min and max attributes that input of type number lets you set. Here is a usage example.

the next challenge askes me to code id=“name-label” id=“email-label” id=“number-label” when there’s already an id with a coresponding word equaling it within the input. it asks within the input place those ids with labels when there is already ids with a the words email, name, and number already